Engine Components
When you are looking for engine parts you need reliability. Our customers don’t have to second guess our quality. The only difference between our parts and the original equipment is the packaging. You don’t need the headaches of having to repair an engine twice. With our top of the line parts, you repair once and move on.

ExpoQuip's complete line of engine parts include:

• Cylinder heads
• Pistons
• Liners
• Valves
• Camshafts
• Connecting rods
• Turbochargers
• Piston rings
• Engine bearings
• Crankshafts
• In frame overhaul kit
• And more


CGR Cylinder Heads
ExpoQuip offers CGR cylinder heads. CGR has been manufacturing heavy equipment cylinder heads for over 50 years. This time proven, highly controlled manufacturing process ensures a cylinder head with a tight seal that will resist cracking and prevents stress related warping. Look for the "CGR” logo and you will find quality.


Power Train
ExpoQuip offers a wide range of power train parts for many applications such as forestry, agriculture, mining, and any area where hauling is required. These power train parts are designed to cater specifically to the needs of quality conscious mechanics and other businesses in hauling industries. Whether it is a rebuilt component or a first manufacture, our parts provide customized gearing to meet the needs of each individual industry and application.

ExpoQuip's complete line of power train parts include:

• Final drives
• Torque converters
• Differentials
• Transmissions
• Steering clutches
• Impellers
• Transmission pumps
• Plates
• Spiders
• And more


Transmission Parts
ExpoQuip provides coverage for popular transmission components including torque converters, dividers, planetary transmission components, transfer gears, carriers, bearings, bearing kits, pinions, shafts, housings, friction disks, seals, and gaskets. These transmission components provide excellent field performance in severe "off road” applications.


Final Drives, Steering Clutches and Drive Line Components
ExpoQuip’s high quality, "crown shaved" final drive gears utilize proper heat treated materials designed to offer long life in field operations. ExpoQuip also maintains large inventories of differentials, U-joints, flexible couplings, friction disks, bearings, seals, gaskets and related items for these applications.


Bearings, Bearing Kits and Seals
ExpoQuip offers full coverage and extensive stocks of roller bearings, tapered bearings, ball bearings, spherical end bearings, needle and thrust bearings, and anti-friction bearings. ExpoQuip also assembles and distributes a wide range of "OEM" style and “custom” designed bearing service kits. These kits are available for a wide range of transmission and final drive applications. Kits contain all the parts normally needed to service a transmission or final drive assembly, and include bearings, gaskets, seals, locks, pins, plugs and other necessary components.


A hydraulic pump is a very important component of construction, manufacturing, and machining equipment. It is responsible for a machine's precision, its efficiency and overall performance of an entire system. Our responsibility at ExpoQuip is that you receive the very best hydraulic parts available. Critical components such as pumps and cartridges cannot be compromised by a “look a like.”

ExpoQuip’s broad coverage of quality hydraulic components include:

• Pumps
• Cartridges
• Valves
• Cylinders
• Repair Kits
• Rods
• Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits
• Hoses
• And more


ExpoQuip offers a full range of high quality track chains including “sealed and lubricated” and “sealed” assemblies. Our “sealed and lubricated” chain assemblies utilize high quality elastomeric seals. Excellent seal performance results in extended chain life while operating in extreme working conditions. Manufactured from high strength abrasion resistant steel materials, these assemblies offer long life throughout abusive use and severe weather conditions. Track chains are available in standard and heavy duty versions which exceed the most stringent machine performance expectations. Quick, trouble free installation with our split master links allows the user to save both time and money.

All the materials used to make undercarriage parts are selected at origin and meet the highest international standards. Special steels, personalized chemical compositions, constant and stringent heat treatments ensure product reliability in all applications.

ExpoQuip’s broad coverage of quality undercarriage include:

• Track Chain
• Track Shoes
• Track Rollers
• Carrier Rollers
• Idlers
• Sprockets
• Springs Assemblies
• Track Adjuster and Recoil
• And more


Track Group Components
ExpoQuip offers a complete range of sealed and lubricated, and sealed track chain assemblies for crawler applications. All track group components are designed, manufactured, and assembled using state-of-the-art technologies and automated assembly processes. Track assemblies are equipped with a variety of different track shoe designs and are immediately available for popular applications.


Track Shoe
ExpoQuip offers an extensive range of abrasion resistant track shoe configurations and designs for various earthmoving applications. Single, double, and triple grouser designs, with or without mud-holes, standard and extreme service profiles, and a wide range of shoe widths combine to guarantee optimum machine performance. From high penetration and traction to low turning resistance for greater maneuverability, these options offer excellent machine performance.


ExpoQuip maintains large inventories and supplies the industry with an extensive range of track rollers for various applications including dozers, excavators, track loaders, mini-excavators, and other popular crawler equipment. ExpoQuip rollers are engineered and manufactured to provide excellent service in extreme working conditions and dependable performance.


Front Idlers and Track Tensioning Components
ExpoQuip’s wide range of front idler assemblies includes both cast and fabricated applications. These idlers are "maintenance free" incorporating special high strength steels and quality seal groups, which provide excellent lubricating oil retention.


Sprockets, Rims, and Segments
ExpoQuip provides high quality drive sprockets, rims, and segments for crawler, dozer and excavator applications. Manufactured from quality materials these products are designed to provide long life and reliability in the most severe operating conditions.


Fuel Injection
If you are looking for a wiring harness, a fuel pump, nozzles or a complete turn-key fuel management system, we can help you.

ExpoQuip’s broad coverage of quality fuel injection components include:

• Pumps
• Nozzles
• Lines
• Seal Kits
• Plunger and Barrel
• And more


Cooling Systems
ExpoQuip is a world distributor of quality, performance engineered cooling solutions for the mining, forestry, trucking and construction industries. We offer heat transfer designs that meet or exceed performance, durability and cost targets.

ExpoQuip offers only the highest quality cooling system components available on the market today. We maintain an extensive inventory to provide next day delivery of orders.

ExpoQuip’s broad coverage of quality cooling systems include:

• Oil coolers
• Radiator cores
• Core assemblies
• Standard fans
• Reversible fans
• And more


ExpoQuip offers a complete line of fuel, hydraulic and air filters. We understand that compromising your engine or component with a poor quality filter can be costly. We only sell OEM quality brand filters that meet or exceeds original equipment manufacturers’ specifications.

ExpoQuip’s broad coverage of quality filters include:

• Oil filters
• Fuel filters
• Hydraulics filters
• Air filters
• And more


Electrical Parts
ExpoQuip’s broad coverage of quality electrical parts include:

• Starter
• Alternators
• Solenoids ignition
• Switches
• Glow plugs
• Instrument
• Gauges
• And more


Seals & Gaskets
ExpoQuip offers duo-cone seals made up of two press forged steal alloy rings plus two rubber rings. Special rubber rings are also available for seals designed for very high or very low temperature use.

ExpoQuip’s broad coverage of quality seal solutions include:

• Duo-cone seals
• Metal face seals
• Head gaskets
• Crankshaft seals
• Oil seals
• Engine and transmission components
• Engine gaskets and gasket groups

• Ferrule seals
• Pre-combustion chamber seals
• Oil pan gaskets




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Power Train

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